About Genesys Medical Institute Clinic

Welcome to the practice of Genesys Medical Institute. We combine medical expertise, an artistic vision, and outstanding customer service at our practice to make our patients’ dreams a reality!

We specialize in obtaining beautiful, natural results, and in making our patients feel confident and attractive. To learn more about the treatments available at our practice, contact our offices today.

Choosing to have a procedure done is a major decision – it’s in the same class as accepting a marriage proposal, purchasing a new home, or finding a new career.

There are a number of factors to consider when seeking a procedure, including choosing the facility and surgeon.

But after meeting the doctor and his friendly, extensively trained staff, the decision will be an easy one.

We provide personalized attention to every patient we treat. We see only one patient at a time, scheduling appointments accordingly so that no one feels rushed or passed over.

From the initial consultation to the postoperative follow-up, our professional team members walk each patient through the entire process. This ensures that all questions and concerns are addressed.

In addition, our staff has a soothing bedside manner, helping our patients to feel comfortable, at ease and welcome.

When you visit a Genesys Medical Institute Hormone Balance Center you’ll meet with medical professionals who will discuss your situation in a comfortable, private office. They will discuss your symptoms with you extensively, and do a complete blood draw to help evaluate your individual needs.

Everyone is different and every single treatment is customized to your particular needs. After evaluating the blood panel, a licensed medical practitioner writes a prescription based on your specific needs. The prescription goes to a pharmacist who uses FDA approved compounds to customize your treatment and delivers them directly to your door.

It is safe, effective and life changing. Feel You All Over. Again.

Because Genesys Medical Institute Hormone Balance therapy restores rather than replaces missing hormones, you’ll feel yourself again. You’ll see life differently because you are different. You feel better because you are better. Restore. Rejoice. Genesys Medical Institute. And see what you’ve been missing.

Genesys Medical InstituteAbout Dr. Moore and Dr. Pollock

Doctors Kirk Moore, M.D. and Jeffrey Pollock, PA-C at the Genesys Medical Institute offer an up-to-date and aggressive approach to bioidentical hormones for both men and women of all ages.

Treatment is individualized to your specific needs and directed towards resolving your symptoms. We specialize in difficult cases that others would give up on, including fibromyalgia, CFS and chronic fatigue.

Both men and women can expect to regain energy, mental clarity, drive, emotional stability, sex drive, physical stamina/endurance as well as improved muscle strength and lean muscle mass.

We also treat menopause and perimenopause in an aggressive but safe way.